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A Kitchen View of Kevin Thornton's KOOKS School
Roisin  - "Thanks so much for an amazing day. I loved it from start to finish. I came away with so much motivation, new ideas, and a new appreciation for food. You created such an amazing, welcoming atmosphere in your home and I will recommend it to everyone. Looking forward to doing another course very soon. 
Declan - "I'm the kind of person who always wants to see into the kitchen when I'm in a restaurant. I have always been mesmerised by the whole process. When my wife bought me a class with Kevin Thornton I couldn't believe my luck. Here was my chance to see a true master at work, at close quarters, for a full day!! The day didn't disappoint me. Kevin brought us through the whole process from early morning prep work (butchering, peeling, de-boning and plenty of chopping), right to the final plating. He taught us drying techniques, how to make the perfect sauce, confit, how to cook different vegetables and meats and how to make stocks. All the time instilling in us his strict morals that govern his work, if you kill it... use every part of it! The banter between Kevin and his wife Muriel went back and forth all day, making the mood very light and most enjoyable. The following day, I butchered a pheasant, made cider jelly, confit duck leg, dried out fruits and veg and made a blackcurrant sauce. Things I have never even attempted before. I urge anybody with an interest in quality cooking to go to one of these classes. Thank you Kevin and Muriel... best day ever!!!"
Tony  "I had a wonderful day on Saturday. I have been an admirer of Kevin's skill, passion and creative ideas for longer than I care to admit. He has a great enthusiasm for life and this shone through on Saturday. You both made us feel so welcome. I had a sense of improving my limited skills and I wasn't disappointed. I also had fun while learning which is the best way to upgrade your knowledge. I cooked a casserole yesterday incorporating many of the ideas that Kevin had given us. Everyone around the table, including two young children, said that it was my best yet. "
Antoinette "Thank you very much for a lovely day on Saturday. It's been a while since I have spent time in the kitchen and I really enjoyed being in that environment again and especially nice seeing you and meeting all the participants, whilst learning all about all sorts of things!"
Angela - "Many thanks for a great day. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt loads! Kevin has a wealth of Knowledge that is quirky unusual and very interesting. Fascinating and educational!"
Kitchen glimpse at Kevin Thornton's KOOKS School
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